Lingnan University visits East China Normal University and Fudan University to reinforce exchanges and collaboration

22 Apr 2024

On 16 April, Prof S. Joe Qin, President and Wai Kee Kau Chair Professor of Data Science of Lingnan University, led a delegation to East China Normal University (ECNU), where they were warmly received by Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU.


Both President Qin and President Qian expressed their intention of taking advantage of the opportunities of the digital intelligence era, and increasing cooperation in talent cultivation and cutting-edge scientific research in order to contribute more to the exciting, evolutionary development of both universities.


President Qin also held discussions with members of the faculty and students from the School of Data Science and Engineering of ECNU. Prof Qian Weining, Dean of the School of Data Science and Engineering, talked about the school’s history, and professional direction of the disciplines, the mode of talent cultivation, and their plans for the future. President Qin said that Lingnan University will inaugurate the School of Data Science in May, and that he hopes both universities will collaborate closely in doctoral students, short-term student exchanges at undergraduate level, and internships in research laboratories.


On 18 April, Mr Andrew Yao Cho-fai, the Chairman of the Council of Lingnan University and a member of the Council of Fudan University, accompanied President Qin on the visit, and they met and exchanged views with Prof Qiu Xin, the Party Secretary of Fudan University.


President Qin explained the history, disciplinary characteristics, and remarkable achievements in talent cultivation and scientific research of Lingnan University in detail to Prof Qiu, who welcomed him and Mr Andrew Yao Cho-fai, observing that the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University and Lingnan University have liaised since 2016. Both universities enjoy a solid relationship, and share a common vision for development, and Prof Qiu looks forward to increased exchanges and mutual support.


They also discussed the rapidly emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. President Qin said that Lingnan University offers several AI-related courses and projects, and their research teams have achieved impressive results in the field of AI. Prof Qiu explained that Fudan University is systematically planning and promoting research in scientific intelligence (AI for Science), social science intelligence (AI for Social Science), integrating AI concepts into talent cultivation (AI for Students), and university sustainability (AI for Sustainability). AI4S has become a "key move" in Fudan University’s disciplinary construction, talent cultivation, innovative scientific research, and university governance.


After the meeting, Prof Xu Zheng, Executive Vice President, and Prof Chen Zhimin, Vice President of Fudan University, also saw President Qin and Mr Andrew Yao Cho-fai. Prof Liu Xin, Dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University; Shen Guolin, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Fudan University; and Ms Liu Li, Director of the Liaison and Development Office of Fudan University were present, and this visit will further cement the relationship between the two universities and ensure teamwork and exchanges in more fields.