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Financial Assistance to Students with Special Educational Needs

Students with special educational needs (SEN) are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), which will work out a plan for individual's assistance once the individual needs are known.

Students with SEN are eligible to apply for the following:

  • The IT Scheme for People with Visual Impairment

Visually impaired students can apply for subsidies to acquire advanced Chinese screen readers, Braille displays, and accessories. The scheme is established by the Social Welfare Department. Please visit for details.

Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch
Social Welfare Department
Tel: 3586 3594
Email: [email protected]

  • Li Kwan Hung Education Fund
     (from Hong Kong PHAB Association)


Open for application in August

Enquiry: 2551 4161 (Hong Kong PHAB Association)

  • Miss Li Ching Memorial Fund 李菁紀念基金

The fund subsidizes undergraduate students with physical disabilities for purchasing rehabilitative equipment or study-related expenditures.  The Fund shall be open for application by eligible students in October of each academic year.  Office of Student Affairs will send out emails to invite applications.