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University Assembly

University Assembly is a unique function of our University which complements our academic programmes for liberal arts education as well-known personalities of diverse backgrounds will speak to and exchange views with students. These experiences enable students to learn from the speakers, keep abreast of the concerns and developments of the community and broaden their perspectives.

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Previous University Assembly

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Moderator: Dr. Kent Lai, Managing Director for MIBF Programme, Department of Economics, Taught Postgraduate Programme Office, Lingnan University
Speaker: Mr. Joseph H L Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, The Government of Hong Kong SAR

19 Apr 2021

Hong Kong's Positioning as an International Financial Centre and Government Policies Developing the Financial Services Industry

Joseph Chan, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, is invited to offer valuable insights into the positioning and development of Hong Kong as an international financial centre. This assembly will cover the topics such as students’ professional and career development, capital markets, FinTech, sustainable finance, and the opportunities presented by the development of the Greater Bay Area.

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Photo of Leonard K Cheng, Steven Lam and Anthony So doing panel discussion on the stage.
Moderator: Prof. Leonard K Cheng
Mr. Steven Lam, Founder & CEO, GOGOX Holdings Ltd.
Mr. Anthony So, Founder & CEO, OnGrad Consulting Ltd.

23 Apr 2018

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Start-ups

Over the decade we’ve seen so many start-ups with brilliant and innovative ideas in Hong Kong. Some of them are still growing fast and strong while some of them are already out of the game. What is the essence of being an entrepreneur and how does it relate to a University and the University students?

In this University Assembly, Prof. Leonard K Cheng shared explained the facts about innovations, the new economy driven by information and communication technology and the roles to be played by a University. Two young and energetic co-founders and CEOs of successful start-ups, Mr. Steven Lam of Gogovan (now GOGOX) and Mr. Anthony So of OnGrad, shared with the audience their real-life stories of how a simple idea would grow into new icons in their respective industries.


Speaker: Mr. Chung Po-yang, SBS, OBE, JP, Chairman Emeritus, DHL Express (Hong Kong) Ltd.
27 Mar 2017

Service Leadership:  The 2nd Education Revolution in the 21st Century

“20th Century Manufacturing Management was about “doing things right”.  21st Century Service Leadership isn’t only about doing things right; it’s also about “doing the right things with the right heart”.                    
  by Po Chung

Societies everywhere are moving rapidly from the Manufacturing Age to the Service Age.   Hong Kong has been at the forefront of the transformation to service with 97% of the working population in service roles.  

“Competence, Character and Care”, these three key elements for successful service, are intertwined, coming as a package into the workplace to perform the service in the 21st Century.

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Speaker: US Consul General Kurt W. Tong
31 Oct 2016

U.S.-Hong Kong Economic Relationship

US Consul General Kurt W. Tong explained how the successful relationship between the U.S. and Hong Kong brings economic benefit and opportunities to both sides - after all, the United States is Hong Kong's second largest trading partner after China, and Hong Kong is the 10th largest export market of United States. What makes Hong Kong such a good busienss environment, and how can we use innovation to keep our economies competitive?

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Speaker: Mr. Lau Ming Wai, BBS ,JP
11 Oct 2016

港青主場 – 劉鳴煒談香港青年的機遇和出路
House of Youth – Mr. Lau Ming-wai on the Prospects of Young People in Hong Kong

(Chinese only) 面對香港現今的情況,年青人面對愈來愈多的挑戰,到底香港的青年發展會何去何從?是次大學論壇,邀請到青年事務委員會主席劉鳴煒先生與同學分享和探索香港青年面對現今時局的機遇和出路。劉鳴煒先生為青年事務委員會主席,華人置業集團主席及智經研究中心副主席。劉先生熱心香港與內地的公共事務,為海洋公園公司董事局副主席、扶貧委員會及策略發展委員會之非官方委員,亦曾於哈佛大學擔任客席講師。

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Speaker: Mr. David Yeung
21 March 2016

Green Monday X 綠‧惜‧嶺南
Green Monday X Lingnan

(Chinese only) Green Monday 聯合創辦人楊大偉(David),以多元化創新社會企業模式推動素食及環保,以簡單易行的方式令公眾實踐健康低碳生活,開創香港綠色生活潮流。 是次大學論壇,David除了跟大家分享他的Go Green理念,更會分享他如何在香港的主流營商環境中,開闢出社會企業的新消費模式。