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LingArt Programme on the Promotion & Inheritance of Chinese Culture

LingArt Programme on the Promotion and Inheritance of Chinese Culture

To align with the Belt and Road Initiative and respond to the Chief Executive’s call for “fostering the cultural development of Hong Kong to expedite its progression into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange,” Lingnan University is launching a two-year programme called “LingArt”, Programme on the Promotion and Inheritance of Chinese Culture, starting from the 2023-24 academic year. The programme aims to promote Chinese culture and showcase its richness and uniqueness.

LingArt Programme consists of three parts, providing students with a comprehensive learning journey to understand, appreciate, and inherit Chinese and local culture.

The first part involves experiential learning or cultural exchange activities to stimulate students’ sensitivity and interest in Chinese culture. Subsequently, through various short-term courses, students can acquire basic knowledge and even enhance their artistic or cultural literacy. The final part allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture through long-term courses, advanced activities, internships, and various study tours to the mainland, providing them with opportunities for practical work experience and industry connections.

Objectives of the programme

  • Introduce Chinese cultural arts, including Hong Kong traditions.
  • Showcase the depth and dimensions of Chinese culture through a series of cultural exchange activities, courses, major projects, and study tours to the mainland, deepening students’ understanding of this area.
  • Promote Chinese culture to overseas students, presenting its diverse facets.
  • Foster local students’ pride in China’s rich and diverse culture and cultivate their sense of national belonging.
  • Disseminate and inherit Chinese cultural arts through large-scale promotional activities and exhibitions of learning outcomes, reaching the general public.