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Diligent Practice



Part 3: Diligent Practice

Deep Engagement - Earnest Immersion

This part is designed for students with a strong interest in Chinese culture and potential for development. It includes various study tours (in arts, language, and recitation) and internship opportunities (in both commercial and non-profit organisations). The former allows students to visit different cultural and artistic institutions, including museums, theatres, art spaces, and production units, to gain an in-depth understanding of specific cultural projects, their background, operation, and prospects. The latter focuses on talent development, aiming to provide students with internships in collaboration with professional organisations such as the Hong Kong Palace Museum and the Lee Family Museum, expanding their horizons, establishing connections, and facilitating their long-term development in the industry.









Digital Talent Development Series

At the end of the activity, students will be able to:

1. Understand the roles, responsibilities, and functions involved in managing and supporting the arts;
2. Familiarise with the evolution of new media arts and its impact on the arts administration landscape; and
3. Gain insights into the skills required for success in the field, and offer guidance on career progression.


Gain valuable insights into the diverse world of arts administration by exploring different types of arts organisations, delve into the evolution of new media arts, discuss effective fundraising and marketing strategies, examine legal frameworks and ethical considerations, and uncover exciting career opportunities.

Instructor / Speaker:

(Instructors from Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association)
Digital Literacy Career Development