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UGC commends LU’s knowledge transfer achievement

UGC commends LU’s knowledge transfer achievement

The University has recently received commendation from the University Grants Committee (UGC) on its achievement in Knowledge Transfer (KT) for 2019/20.


In 2019/20, there was an increase of 209 per cent and 54 per cent respectively in LU’s KT activities’ cumulative income from on-going social projects and contract research, and an 83 per cent rise in income from professional projects including consultancies. In addition, in 2020/21 KT funding from the UGC has increased by 16 per cent.


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Recognising these achievements after reviewing the University’s Annual Report on Knowledge Transfer for 2019/20, the UGC congratulated LU’s impressive performance in expanding KT activities in the past year.


The UGC also noted that LU has continued to raise the KT profile at an institutional level, as shown in renaming the Office of Research Support the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer. “We hope that LU can sustain the momentum and continue to demonstrate the potential of KT for liberal arts disciplines to the higher education sector,” the UGC added.


The UGC also appreciates “LU’s efforts in launching the “Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan” programme, which has effectively met the changing needs of the society amidst the challenging moment. We wish that the plan for next phase of the programme would achieve great success and contribute to the community-wide efforts in fighting the coronavirus.”


The UGC welcomes LU’s efforts to develop IP policies, including the establishment of IP Clinic to protect and manage the University’s IP rights in the commercialisation of research.