LU scientist awarded HK$1.8 million grant from Lantau Conservation Fund for research on diadromous animals

Research Assistant Professor of Science Unit Prof Liew Jia Huan has received HK$1,785,000 from the Lantau Conservation Fund for the project “A comprehensive survey of the diadromous animals of Lantau: assessment of distribution, population status, and conservation strategies”.


The research team will conduct a comprehensive survey of diadromous animals in Lantau to map species distribution, assess ecological linkages in Lantau rivers with a combined isoscape and landscape genomics' approach, and test the efficacy of structural enhancements for attenuating the impact of dams/weirs on animal movement using scaled-down ex situ experiments.



Prof Liew Jia Huan

The project will inform policy and support the development of a possible remedy for disrupted river-sea linkages, helping to conserve diadromous animals in Lantau and the rivers they inhabit.