Students and staff orientation activities revived as University starts new academic year

Lingnan University resumes face-to-face teaching and learning in the new semester. President Prof Leonard K Cheng, together with senior management members Vice-President Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Associate Vice-Presidents Prof Lau Chi-pang, Prof Li Donghui and the Comptroller Mr Ian Woo Chun-tung, greeted students on campus on 1 September. They also gave pocket hand sanitisers to students encouraging them to fight against the pandemic together.

Photo: President Leonard K Cheng greeting
 students on the first day of the new term.


To help new undergraduate students integrate into campus life and meet new friends, the University organised virtual seminars, library and campus introductions, as well as networking opportunities with senior students and university staff from August to September.


Among them was the first Virtual Campus Life Carnival organised by the Office of Student Affairs on 7 September as part of New Student Orientation 2021. As well as live music performances, there were online performances by various student bodies. The Carnival also featured 36 virtual promotion booths, manned by student societies, university teams, groups and student services units, showing details of the various activities and offering enrolment to the participants. There was an enthusiastic response to sharing in the virtual booth platform, with 60,000 hits.


The Carnival features 36 virtual promotion booths showing details of the various activities and offering enrolment to the participants.



As well as live music performances, there are online performances by various student bodies.


The School of Graduate Studies also held a “Briefing for Postgraduate Students” to welcome new postgraduate students on 30 August. Students were given a warm welcome and highlights on the history of the University as well as teaching and learning support for their studies.


In the 2021-22 academic year, the University welcomes over 1,300 new postgraduate students from Hong Kong, Mainland, and overseas countries such as Ghana, India, Iran, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the US.


Thanks to the Lingnan Strategic Faculty Recruitment scheme, the University attracted over 60 scholars all over the world joining the Lingnan family. Over half of the new academics are from overseas universities in the UK, the US, France, Canada, Australia, South Korea and Singapore.


A series of orientation and induction programmes, including the Staff Orientation Programme held on 31 August, have been organised to help new colleagues familiarise themselves with LU’s unique teaching, learning and research environment, and prepare to provide quality teaching and impactful research.


Orientation 2021
The University organises a series of orientation and induction programmes for new staff.