Lingnan students win the National Flag Raising Etiquette Competition for the Youth

LU Student Flag Raising Team won the championship in the Tertiary Institution Category of the first National Flag Raising Etiquette Competition for the Youth on 4 September. Year 4 student Cai Jianyu from the team was also named the Best Flag Bearer (Tertiary Institution Category).


LU President Prof Leonard K Cheng is delighted with the students’ outstanding achievements in their first attempt. "In recent years, we have been committed to promoting national education in the University. Furthermore, we planned to establish the student flag raising team with trainings provided last year. We hope that taking up on-campus national flag raising duty will help enhance the sense of national identity and belonging to our country among team members as well as their fellows,” he said.


The LU Flag Raising Team, which comprises 34 students, was formed early this year. LU will continue to recruit new members in the coming year, hoping that more students will participate in the on-campus national flag raising ceremonies.