LU Multiverse launched to drive engagement and interactions

LU Multiverse, a virtual reality campus connecting students, prospective students with the University through the metaverse, has been officially launched.


Participants are able to create their own avatar on the LU Multiverse platform, and visit the virtual campus to obtain the latest information about the University, its programmes and admission arrangements, including course descriptions, seminars, hostel life and student activities. One of the highlights of the platform is the President’s Tea Room, which not only explains LU’s history and culture but also the philosophy of its liberal arts education by Prof Leonard K Cheng.


Working synergistically with Multiverse, LU will arrange offline activities such as campus guided tours for groups and schools. A whole series of interactive activities like “AR Campus Hunt”, a new game with augmented reality (AR) technologies developed by LU, allows players to use their mobile phones to hunt for hidden treasure in every corner of the campus, exploring the uniqueness of LU in interactive form.


Click here to join the LU Multiverse.