Prof S. Joe Qin, President of Lingnan University, was invited to and attended the 2nd Global Innovation & Technology Summit at the Hong Kong Science Park on 3 April. The summit was hosted by The Greater Bay Area Association of Academicians. President Qin delivered a keynote speech titled "Reimagining Higher Education in the Digital Era" and expressed his commitment to integrating elements of data science and artificial intelligence into Lingnan University's liberal arts education.  


He also mentioned that Lingnan University has actively explored the integration of data science and AI into liberal arts education, aiming to cultivate graduates and faculty members with innovative thinking and critical discernment, thus maintaining an advantage in an AI-driven future. 

Lingnan University is invited to attend the 2nd Global Innovation & Technology Summit. (From Left: Prof Jonathan Fong, Associate Professor of the Science Unit, Ms Sharon Tam Siu-lan, Director of Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Prof S. Joe Qin, President of Lingnan University, Prof Li Donghui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), and Prof Frankie Lam King-sun, Director of Teaching and Learning Centre.)

President Qin also participated in the "Greater Bay Area Universities Presidents’ Forum", sharing insights on the collaboration between higher education institutions in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. He believed that Hong Kong's higher education institutions could contribute more to the development of the Greater Bay Area by bringing out their unique strengths.