Lingnan University confers honorary doctorates upon three distinguished individuals

22 Nov 2018

Group Photo

Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Mrs Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-Ngor (4th right, front row) and Honorary Doctorates Mr PAN Sutong (3rd left, front row), Professor Joseph LAU Shiu-Ming (4th left, front row), Dr Edmund TSE Sze-Wing, GBS (3rd right, front row) take group photo with Mr Rex AUYEUNG Pak-Kuen, Chairman of the Council (2nd right, front row), President Leonard K CHENG (1st right, front row) and other senior management members of Lingnan University.

At the 49th Congregation today (22 November), Lingnan University conferred honorary doctorates upon three distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their respective professions and valuable contributions to the well-being of society.  They include Professor Joseph LAU Shiu-Ming, a renowned scholar in modern and contemporary Chinese literature who was conferred Doctor of Literature honoris causa ; Mr PAN Sutong, an outstanding international entrepreneur and Chairman of the Goldin Real Estate Financial Holdings Limited who was conferred Doctor of Business Administration honoris causa; and Dr Edmund TSE Sze-Wing, GBS, non-executive Chairman of the AIA Group Limited and the Chairman of the AIA Foundation who was conferred Doctor of Business Administration honoris causa.


The ceremony was presided by The Hon Mrs Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-Ngor, GBM, GBS, the Chancellor of the University and the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  In addition, a total of about 1,200 students were also awarded bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees at the 49th Congregation.


On behalf of all honorary graduates, Dr Edmund TSE said in his address that it was their honour to have received the Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Lingnan University. He also mentioned that “The most exciting part of life is to learn and to make continuous progress. Education is like a spark to the candle of life. It has an impact on every part of life. Education is the most important motivation for social progress, pushing society forward for positive change.” He expressed gratitude for having some teachers and friends who have benefitted him for his entire life. Dr TSE also shared his views on Hong Kong higher education.


Dr TSE was of the view that “Hong Kong should leverage its unique geographical and cultural advantages in developing higher education.  At the same time, the Hong Kong higher education sector should work more closely together to strive for win-win partnerships by consolidating their core competitiveness, and strengthening and promoting their world-leading status in a broader sense.” Moreover, he pointed out that “in accordance with the modern trend of diversification, Hong Kong’s higher education institutions should advocate diversification and excellence in education to leverage their advantages and faculty strengths. They must develop their own specialised areas and encourage originality to seize and meet the opportunities and demand to fulfi l the emerging needs of our diversified society.” He wished that Lingnan University could continue its efforts to teach inspirationally and cultivate students with outstanding ability, who will continue to drive social progress and contribute to the special power of human civilisation.


In his speech, Prof Leonard K CHENG, President of Lingnan University welcomed the University’s Chancellor and HKSAR Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-Ngor, for presiding over the Congregation. He congratulated the graduates and expressed recognition for their accomplishment brought about by their efforts. He said, “The world is ready for you, and I am confident you are also ready for the world. Whatever your paths in life, Lingnan will always be here for you to come home to.”He also wished graduates all the best of luck and every success in their future endeavours. 


Please visit the following website for biographies of the honorary doctorate recipients:


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