LU provides free Chinese medicine services and anti-pandemic gift packs to squatters

15 Jun 2022

LU’s rural age-friendly outreach team

LU’s rural age-friendly outreach team visits underprivileged families in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long.

Following the success of its Anti-COVID-19 Campaign launched early this year with the video series about Chinese medicine food therapy, online exercises and anti-pandemic information, Lingnan University (LU) extended its community service to underprivileged families in Tuen Mun and squatters in Yuen Long, distributing anti-pandemic gift packs to the elderly and their families, as well as free Chinese medicines.


The scheme is sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) COVID-19 Emergency Fund. The HKJC is also supporting LU’s rural age-friendly outreach team, set up by LU students, social workers and age-friendly ambassadors who visit underprivileged families, rural squatters, and people living in subdivided rooms in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long. The gift packs contain food, anti-pandemic supplies, cleaning products and sports equipment so as to reduce the families’ expenses and let them see that people care about their misfortune and hardship.


The Lingnan University Chinese Medicine Clinic also provides free consultations and medicinal herbs for the elderly living in rural areas of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long and their families, who can either visit the clinic in person or use their remote diagnosis services. Referral details are available from the community organisations* that cooperate with LU.


Project leader Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Acting President of LU, said that due to geographical constraints, many of the underprivileged are left behind by mainstream social services and forgotten by society. “LU hopes to help people in need by reaching out and providing free Chinese medicines so that they can see that society cares about them and will help them get through the particularly difficult time caused by the pandemic,” he said.


LU will continue to update the LU Anti-COVID-19 Campaign website.

The public is encouraged to visit the following website for the latest health and anti-pandemic information:



* Yan Oi Tong - Tuen Tsz Wai / San Hing Tsuen Tsing Chuen Wai Rural Community Service2456 1166

Salvation Army - Ngau Tam Mei Community Development Project2482 7175