Lingnan University organises ‘Resurgence Career Expo@LingnanU 2024’ featuring over 100 companies and more than a thousand of job opportunities

15 Mar 2024

Lingnan University has launched a three-day (13-15 March) career expo, titled "Resurgence Career Expo@LingnanU 2024" on campus, drawing the participation of more than 100 companies offering over a thousand of job opportunities for Lingnanians. The first two days of the physical event attracted over a thousand Lingnan University students and alumni to participate. This marks the University’s first large-scale career expo since the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for employers to engage with Lingnan students, introducing their companies, and jobs. This will allow students who are about to graduate to gain first-hand information about the job market and equip themselves for future career endeavours. Lingnan University also extends a warm welcome to alumni, encouraging them to return to campus and explore development opportunities across various industries. In addition to the physical career fair, Lingnan University is concurrently holding the "Resurgence Career Expo@LingnanU 2024" in hybrid mode. The online platform will remain accessible until the end of April, providing additional time for Lingnan students and graduates to explore job search strategies and pursue their desired careers.


The "Resurgence Career Expo@LingnanU 2024" featured multiple booths, and for the first time, has partnered with the Civil Service Bureau to invite more than 10 government departments to participate, including the disciplinary forces, The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Labour Department, Planning Department, the Auxiliary Medical Service, and the Efficiency Office. Other participating industries include arts and culture, banking and finance, engineering, education, social services, manufacturing, insurance, and media, totaling 15 industries. Companies and organisations like Ernst & Young, Deloitte China, New World Development Company Limited, OCBC Bank (Hong Kong), and Bright Smart Securities International (H.K.), are offering different types of job opportunities to both local and non-local Lingnan students, as well as graduates. Representatives from these organisations are also present at the event to introduce their company backgrounds and job prospects to the students.


In his welcoming speech, Prof S. Joe Qin, President and Wai Kee Kau Chair Professor of Data Science of Lingnan University, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the companies and organisations that have chosen to participate in this Expo. He said that the University’s undergraduates last year enjoyed a 9.8 per cent increase in starting salary over the previous year. Moreover, regarding JUPAS application for the coming year, Lingnan ranks 2nd among the eight UGC-funded universities in per cent increase of total applicants, and ranks 1st in per cent increase of Band A applicants, that is, over 13 per cent.


President Qin said, “To our students, I encourage you to make the most of this Expo. Explore the diverse range of disciplines represented here, including business, arts, social sciences, data sciences, and many more. Engage with employers, ask questions, and seek guidance. This Expo is your gateway to a world of possibilities, and I have no doubt that you possess the skills, knowledge, and determination to excel in your chosen fields. May this Expo serve as a catalyst for your personal and professional growth.”


Ms Carrie Leung Ka-lai, Council Member and Chairman of the University’s Career Development Committee of Lingnan University, said in her speech that the previous COVID-19 pandemic has brought one of the biggest challenges to our society and the economy, but everyone at the University has been working relentlessly to strive for the resurgence of the community. “Lingnan students are indeed very fortunate to gain first-hand information of the career opportunities that are available, and the services and programmes that the University has organised in cultivating young talents. The employers’ faith in our young generation gives hope to them for projecting a bright future ahead. Our young generation represents our future. It is our mission to nurture and groom our students in meeting the challenges and needs of today and tomorrow,” she said.


Ms Leung added that the investment in the young generation will bear fruit over time.  “Opportunities do not ‘happen’, they are ‘created’. We need faith in our young people and invest in their education and development to shape their career paths,” she said.