Peking University Vice President Wang Bo leads delegation to visit Lingnan University Strengthening liberal arts education exchange and mutual understanding

22 Mar 2024

Prof Wang Bo, Vice President of Peking University (PKU), led a delegation to Lingnan University on 20 March. The delegation received a warm welcome from Prof S. Joe Qin, President of Lingnan University, and were joined by Prof Xin Yao, Vice-President (Research and Innovation), and Prof Li Donghui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs).

President Qin talked about Lingnan’s experiences in promoting a liberal arts education, as well as recent advancements and initiatives in digitalisation, artificial intelligence applications, and research innovation. He also spoke about setting up the Lingnan University Institute for Advanced Study (LUIAS), and the longstanding collaboration between PKU and Lingnan, looking forward to consolidating cooperation and expanding collaborative opportunities in areas such as data science and humanities, facilitating student and faculty exchanges, and jointly promoting the liberal arts in national higher education.



Prof Wang Bo thanked President Qin for his warm hospitality, and discussed PKU's interdisciplinary programmes and admissions. He emphasised the importance of a liberal arts education in contemporary society, noting the necessity for a balanced approach as technology progresses and cultural values need to be upheld. He anticipates further collaboration between PKU and Lingnan University, building upon the foundation of the Lingnan-Yuanpei STEM Summer School to coordinate resources, leverage strengths, and promote joint initiatives.



Prof Xin Yao proposed both universities deepen collaboration in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and interdisciplinary studies, increasing exchanges and cooperation in applied research and talent development. Prof Li Donghui provided insights into Lingnan University's philosophy of hostel education, management approach, and educational activities focused on a liberal arts education.



Following the meeting, Prof Li Donghui showed Prof Wang Bo around the student hostel on campus. Prof Wang Bo commended Lingnan’s dedication to a liberal arts education and its comprehensive approach to residential education, saying he looks forward to further cooperation and exchanges in hostel education between the two universities.



Accompanying the PKU delegation were Prof Chen Duanhong, Director of the Institute for Hong Kong and Macau Studies, Mr Li Yuning, Secretary-General of the Education Foundation, Ms Geng Shu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Education Foundation, Ms Zhou Jing, Deputy Director of the Office of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Affairs, Ms Dai Shenyan, Minister for Asian Affairs of the Education Foundation, and Ms Xie Peihong, Assistant to the Director of the Institute for Hong Kong and Macau Studies. Representatives from Lingnan University included Mr Simon Xu Sheng-lang, Director of the Office of Global Education, Ms Joanne Cho, Head of the Office of President; and Ms Ivy Shen, Head of the Office of Mainland Development.