Delegation from Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai and East China Normal University visit Lingnan University

28 Mar 2024

Lingnan University's Department of Psychology was honoured to host delegations from Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai) and East China Normal University (ECNU) for a series of enriching visits and academic exchanges. These visits were a significant milestone in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing between the institutions.


On March 21, led by Prof Wu Xinchun, a delegation comprising five esteemed faculty members from BNU Zhuhai visited the Department of Psychology. During their visit, both institutions engaged in fruitful meetings, exploring potential avenues for collaboration, specifically focusing on student exchange programmes and course development in behavioural data science. The meeting provided an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, expertise, and best practices, aiming to enhance academic opportunities for our students and promote cross-institutional collaboration.


Further enriching our academic environment, Prof Zhang Ran , the Department Head of Human Resources Management and Social Security from ECNU, delivered a captivating seminar on "nonprofits' internal branding" on March 25. Faculty members and students eagerly attended the seminar, benefiting from Prof Zhang's profound insights and expertise in combining research in organisational psychology, human resources management and public administration. The seminar not only broadened their understanding but also stimulated meaningful discussions among participants, fostering a culture of intellectual engagement and growth within the department.


Lingnan University firmly believes that collaborations of this nature serve as catalysts for academic excellence and innovation. The Department of Psychology remains committed to fostering further collaborations with BNU Zhuhai, ECNU, and other esteemed institutions in China and beyond.


The visits from BNU Zhuhai and ECNU have marked a significant milestone for the Department of Psychology at Lingnan University. This collaborative effort holds promise for advancing psychology education and research in both Hong Kong and mainland China.