Lingnan University’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies hosted a seminar with the Salvation Army Carer Services on "Needs, Practices, and Policies for Grandchild Caregivers"

7 May 2024

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS) of Lingnan University, the Salvation Army Carer Services and the Salvation Army Carer Association organised a successful seminar titled "The Needs, Practices, and Policies of Grandchild Caregivers" on 25 April 2024. Nearly 80 people took part, including the heads of welfare organisations, business leaders, frontline social workers, educators, students, caregivers, and senior citizens. Speakers included Ms Tong Sui-ping, Chairperson of the Salvation Army Carer Services Association; Mr Yu Ka-kit, Team Leader of the Salvation Army Carer Services; Ms Lily Sung Lam-ling, Project Manager of Big Silver; Mr Phoenix Law Chun-yin, teacher at the Yan Oi Tong Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School, and Ms Cheung Ching-man, grandchild caregiver.



Prof Dickson Chan Chak-kwan, Director of APIAS, thanked the Salvation Army Carer Services and the Salvation Army Carer Association for their strong support for the research project and workshop. He emphasised the importance of this event, which mobilises professional forces from all sectors to promote good practices and policies to help alleviate the pressure on grandchild caregivers.During the research presentation, Prof Chan discussed the findings of the study "Challenges Faced by Grandchild Caregivers", illustrating the stresses the caregivers face, and their impact. Based on the research, Ms Tong Sui-ping suggested creating a "caregiver-centric" case management model, and plans to help grandchild caregivers.


During the session with guests, Ms Lily Sung Lam-ling spoke of possible relaxed and interactive activities to support caregivers, including gatherings providing helpful information. Ms Cheung Ching-man related her own experiences as a grandchild caregiver, highlighting the difficulties in accessing caregiving information and the importance of caregiver education. Mr Phoenix Law Chun-yin, said that his school offers an elective course on "Health Management and Social Care" for senior students, explaining the needs and challenges faced by the elderly, and detailing the medical and support services available in the community. The session, chaired by Mr Yu Ka-kit, addressed topics such as cross-generational caregiving, support services for grandchild caregivers, and the introduction of caregiver-friendly measures in Hong Kong.