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Student Activities Fund (SAF)

Application for Student Activities Fund (SAF) and ILP Units


Eligibility Requirements

  • For Student Activities Fund: All Full-time UGC-funded Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students; Either as Individuals or in Groups
  • For Student Society Activities with ILP Units: Recognised Student Societies


Application Procedures

  • Applications are open throughout the year and shall be submitted to OSA 4 weeks in advance of the activity. Ad hoc applications may only be entertained upon request. Please be reminded that retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • Applications shall be submitted to Office of Student Affairs (OSA) on a prescribed application form which could be downloaded on the OSA website together with the activity proposal and budget plan (for applying SAF only).
  • The applicant will usually be informed of the application result by email within 2 weeks after the submission of application (with full details).


Download Guidelines & Application Form



For ILP units                                       

Ms Kristy Chan                                 

Tel: 2616-7366                                    



For Student Activities Fund (SAF)  

Ms Nans Leung

Tel: 2616-7365      

Email: [email protected]

Application for Hsin Chong - K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund for Joint University Student Projects 2023/24


1st Round Application

The purpose of the subsidies is to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation among students of the tertiary institutions and to encourage creative and constructive endeavors which are conducive to students’ learning and overall development. A joint student project is a project that is organized jointly by students from three or more tertiary institutions. The project can be on any subject matter which may or may not be related to the applicants’ subject of studies. The project can be undertaken locally or abroad.


Download Guidelines & Application Form

Please complete the application form together with all supporting documents and return to Ms Nans LEUNG of OSA no later than 8 November 2023.
Ms Nans LEUNG (Tel: 2616 7365 / Email: [email protected])