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Lingnan University Postgraduate Mentorship Programme

Lingnan University Postgraduate Mentorship Programme

Lingnan University Postgraduate Mentorship Programme


Jointly organized by:

  • Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
  • Office of Institutional Advancement and Public Affairs (OIAPA)
  • Lingnan University Postgraduate Alumni Association (LUPAA)
  • School of Graduate Studies (GS)


In an ever-changing and competitive society, graduating students have to equip themselves for their future careers. To better prepare students for such career challenges as well as adapt to the local environment and university-to-work transition, a new mentoring programme will be launched to support particularly the postgraduate students.

The mentors will share with mentees their invaluable experiences in both life and career journey. In particular, the mentors will provide updated job market information and professional advice/guidance on job hunting to mentees. The mentoring process is usually throughout the mentees’ final year of study.

Ultimate Goal:

To better prepare postgraduate students for their future careers via assistance from LUPAA together with other postgraduate alumni / LU associates.


  • Enable students to develop an understanding of the job market and familiarize them with job-specific and life skills for the workplace
  • Facilitate students' life and career planning / preparation
  • Build up students’ confidence in job seeking
  • Enchance students' leadership and management skills for future workplace
  • Enable students to have chances of internship / graduate employment via mentors’ networks
  • Strengthen the "bond" of Lingnanians

Target Mentees:

  • Current students of postgraduate programmes

Target Mentors

  • Committee members of the LUPAA / Postgraduate alumni / LU associates
  • Have at least five years’ working experience
  • Have distinguished achievements in their career fields
  • Have a high sense of belonging to Lingnan University
  • Willing to devote their time and efforts to guiding mentees
  • Able to give career advice / guidance to mentees

Mentor-mentee Ratio:

1 Mentor to 3 Mentees (Max.)
(It is most desirable that a mentor can lead at least 2 mentees for a better exchange of ideas. Mentees should be matched with Mentors from the career fields that they are interested in.)

Mentorship Period:

From Dec to Aug of the following year
(To especially provide career advice and guidance to selected students during their job preparation and/or hunting process)

Career Fields of Mentors:

Have to match with the LU postgraduate study programmes / popular career fields students prefer:

  • AI / Big Data / Data Analytics
  • Accounting / Auditing
  • Art / Cultural Related / Visual Studies
  • Banking / Finance / Investment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Administration / Management
  • Human Resources Management / Training
  • Health Management
  • Insurance / Risk Management
  • Logistics
  • Marketing / Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations / Corporate Communications
  • Social / Community Services (NGOs)
  • Sports Management / Event Management
  • Teaching / Education
  • Translation / Interpretation

Tentative Schedule / Timeline:

Date Event / Function Remarks
Oct to Nov - Promotion & Recruitment
- Mentor-mentee Matching
Jan Opening Ceremony cum on-campus sharing Mentors & mentees to meet one another for sharing and networking
Mar/Apr Networking Event (lunch or dinner if the situation allows) Interactions between mentors and mentees
Dec to Aug Mentoring Period between Mentors and Mentees (Meetings / Events are arranged by mutual agreement between mentors and mentees)
Aug End of Programme Evaluation to be conducted via feedback questionnaire / email for further improvements

* Details will be confirmed / provided in due course.

Suggested Duties / Responsibilities of Mentors:

  1. To attend the above gatherings / meetings
  2. To provide career advice to mentees during the mentoring period via the means of telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail, lunch / dinner gatherings, face-to-face meetings, etc.
  3. To initiate career sharing / experiential events for mentees if possible (such as arranging a visit to your company, enabling mentees to join company meetings / shadowing programme, etc.)
  4. To offer part-time job / internship / graduate employment opportunities to mentees if possible


For enquiries, you are welcome to contact us:

Ms. Connie Wong
Associate Director of Student Affairs

Tel: 2616-7027
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Albert Suen
Tel: 2616-7407
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Edwin Fok
Tel: 2616-7408
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Mandy Choi 
Tel: 2616-7446
Email: m[email protected]