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[LingArt] Elegance of Ancient Chinese Dances

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[LingArt] Elegance of Ancient Chinese Dances  (15 March 2024)


Target: All Students

Non-local students are also welcome!


Event Highlights:

"Elegance of Ancient Chinese Dances" performance, presented by the Hong Kong Dance Company and co-organized by the Lingnan University Office of Student Affairs. This performance serves as a signature event within the "LingArt Programme on the Promotion & Inheritance of Chinese Culture" for this term.

"Elegance of Ancient Chinese Dances" presents signature pieces spanning the Pre-Qin Period to the Qing Dynasty, showcasing China's aesthetic achievements in the art of dancing. From wizardry influences in the Pre-Qin era to the expressive platter and drum dances of the Han Dynasty, the performance reflects the contemporary thoughts, rituals, and aspirations of the people. The Han and Tang societies witnessed a unique dance form combining rhythmic footwork and singing. The elegant dances of the Song Dynasty were shaped by social and cultural factors, while the refined and graceful dances of the Qing Dynasty exemplify artistic excellence.


Event Details:

Date : 15 March 2024 (Friday)

Time : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Check-in counter ready at 4:30 pm)

Venue : Chan Tak Tai Auditorium

Language : Cantonese

ILP Unit(s) : 2 (Aesthetic Development)


Student Registration

Staff Registration


Application Deadline : 

6 MARCH 2024


About Hong Kong Dance Company

Established in 1981, Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) is dedicated to promoting Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character, staging over 200 productions to great acclaim.

[LingArt] 《舞韻中華》 (2024年3月15日)






《舞韻中華》由香港舞蹈團呈獻、嶺南大學學生事務處合辦。是次演出亦是「嶺.藝」中華文化推廣及傳承計劃在本學期的重點推 介活動。

《舞韻中華》 選取中國歷代的樂舞,展現不同朝代歷史文化之美,包括先秦時代盛行巫風,在宗教文化影響下產生的歌舞形態、漢代盤鼓舞以盤鼓展現當世的思想禮儀、參考魏晉南北文物而編創的踏歌、宋代舞蹈在社會文化影響下的含蓄清雅,以至清代舞蹈展現的嚴謹典雅之態。



日期 : 2024年3月15日(星期五)

時間 : 下午 5 時 至 7 時(下午4 時 30 分開始入場)

地點 : 陳德泰大會堂

語言 : 廣東話

ILP 學分 : 2 (美育發展)