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Asia Pacific Area Youth Convocation 2023


Shine Together, Grow Stronger 

Asia Pacific Area Youth Convocation 2023


IMMERSE yourself in the captivating beauty and cultural magnificence of Kathmandu, Nepal, as you join the ASIA PACIFIC, AREA YOUTH CONVOCATION 2023. Nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills, this enchanting city offers breathtaking vistas and thrilling adventures, inviting you to expand your horizons. Discover the joy of forging lasting friendships with emerging leaders of the Y’s Men movement, as Kathmandu becomes the backdrop for memorable connections. Experience the warmth and camaraderie that await you at the host venue for AYC 2023, where lifelong bonds are formed, enriching your journey and shaping your future.



Experience an unforgettable journey of exciting learning of self-discovery & leadership development! From team-building activities, mentorship to learning essential leadership skills, the AYC 2023 will equip you with the tools and knowledge to become a advocate for social issues related to health, education & environment. Plan and execute impactful community service projects that align with the YMI Mission, collaborate globally, and become a role model for positive change! Make meaningful connections, and leave ready to make a difference in your community and beyond! 

Join us on this exciting learning journey and unlock your potential as a young leader!






Main Activities

Day 1 - August 25 (Fri)

AM: Arrival of the participants and Registration
PM: Opening Ceremony and Orientation ; Session 1: Visionary Leadership ; Cultural Presentations (local food and popular games)

Day 2 - August 26 (Sat)

AM: Nature Tour
PM: Session 2: Service Project Planning and Preparation ; Cultural Presentations (local music and dance)

Day 3 - August 27 (Sun)

AM: Session 3: Advocating for a Better World: Youth Leadership in Health, Education & Environment
PM: Local community visit ; Friendship Night / Talent Night

Day 4 - August 28 (Mon)

AM: Session 4: Global Impact, Local Solutions: How to Build Effective Partnerships
PM: ELECTION PROPER FOR AYR 2023-2024 ; City Tour ; Closing Ceremonies

Day 5 - August 29 (Tues)

Closing Fellowship, Lunch, and Departure

Sessions include a lecture, group discussions, and sharing.


Registration Fee & Expenses

  • The registration fee is US$220 (estimated HK$1,720) includes 4 breakfast, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, the hotel room charge
    for 4 nights.
  • Selected applicants are required to purchase air tickets (estimated HK$7,000) and insurance (estimated HK$500).


Eligibility of Participants

  • The applicants must be between18 and 35 of age.
  • The applicants must participate all the programs.
  • The applicants must understand basic English and be willing to communicate with others.




Application Deadline : 

23 JULY 2023