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African Transnational Mobility in China-Africans on the Move

African Transnational Mobility in China: Africans on the Move

Author: Roberto Castillo, Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural Studies

Publisher: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group


Considering the African presence in China from an ethnographic and cultural studies perspective, this book offers a new way to theorise contemporary and future forms of transnational mobilities while expanding our understandings around the transformations happening in both China and Africa. The author develops an original argument and new theoretical insights about the significance of the African presence in Guangzhou, and presents an invaluable case study for understanding particular modes of transnational mobility.



歷史不止一種寫法 : 十篇書評裏的歷史學景觀

Author: Mao Sheng, Lecturer, Department of History

Publisher: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press


The author selects new research on the history of Europe, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and East Asia, analysing their current status and context in the form of academic book reviews and exploring various possibilities of history writing. Dr Mao points out that there is more than one way of writing history as scholars from different fields write and "create" history from their own perspectives and academic traditions.