Research Grants Council recognises four Lingnan scholars for excellent research and performance

Four Lingnan scholars have been awarded by the Research Grants Council’s research funding schemes 2020/21 for their outstanding research and achievements.


Prof Siu Oi-ling (pictured), Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair Professor of Applied Psychology, has received $585,800 under the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS) for the project “Economic, Psychological, and Social Costs of Occupational Stress in the Big Bay Area: Growth Mindset and Psychological Capital as Stress Moderators”, which evaluates occupational stressors in employees in the Greater Bay Area. This is the largest grant awarded to any of the eight funded HSSPFS projects.


Prof Ethan Brauer, Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Prof Rudy Lai Yuen-shan, Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, and Prof Liew Jia-huan, Research Assistant Professor at the Science Unit, have been awarded the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme which provides promising researchers with support at a pivotal time in their very early career so as to ensure a supply of talent with scientific and research skills for research and development in Hong Kong.