53rd Congregation of Lingnan University

The 53rd Congregation of Lingnan University was held on November 24. Apart from the degrees and honours that mark their years of endeavour and achievement, graduates all enjoy precious moments and great happiness with friends and family on campus on this very special day.


In his address, Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of LU, congratulated the graduates and wished them all the best in their choices for a meaningful life. “I hope you will always remember that you are proud sons and daughters of Lingnan wherever you may be and whatever you choose to do, and that Lingnan will always care about you. Please take with you the University’s motto ‘Education for Service’ and let our cherished Lingnan spirit live eternally in your heart, a spirit which is marked by passion, loyalty, perseverance, openness to different ideas and cultures, and a readiness to serve,” he said.


He also said that today Lingnan is widely regarded by its peers from around the world as a leading liberal arts university in Asia known for its quality education and impactful research, plus its caring community engagement. “Our new President, Prof. S. Joe Qin, will join Lingnan next year to lead it to greater heights with an even more sterling reputation.”


Congratulations to all graduates of 2022!


53rd Congregation   53rd Congregation

53rd Congregation   53rd Congregation

   53rd Congregation