Lingnan University and Microsoft team up to energise teaching and learning with Generative AI technology

This new academic year, Microsoft Hong Kong is collaborating with the eight UGC-funded universities, including Lingnan University, to facilitate the development of AI application, enabling the use of Generative AI, powered by Azure OpenAI Service. The technology aims to enhance university teaching and learning, and assist professors, teachers, researchers, and students in the academic, research, and operational domains. It also equips students with the necessary skills to use AI in their academic and professional careers, cultivating digital talent for the future.


Welcoming this cooperation, Lingnan's President Prof S. Joe Qin says that adopting Generative AI at Lingnan is a really good example of innovation and research in learning, and shows the dissemination of knowledge is no longer static.


Generative AI possibilities at universities include course design and evaluation, student engagement and consultation, research and literature summary, as well as mastering chatbot for university-wide operation.