Lingnan University organises briefing session for projects in celebration of the 100th birthday of Dr Tin Ka Ping

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Dr Tin Ka Ping, Tin Ka Ping Foundation has donated HK$3 million each to nine local higher education institutions including Lingnan University to support activities in nurturing their students.


Lingnan organised the Briefing Session for Projects in Celebration of the 100th Birthday of Dr Tin Ka Ping on 4 April to give an introduction on the two funded projects, namely the “Lingnan Student Voluntary Tutoring Scheme: Online Tutoring for Rural Students in China” and “Lingnan High-Flyers Programme”.  Mr Sam Tin Hing-sin, Chairman of the Board, Prof Kenneth Young, Director and Mr Oscar Lau, Advisory Board Member of Tin Ka Ping Foundation attended the briefing session.


Dr Tin Ka Ping founded the Tin Ka Ping Foundation in 1982.  “To celebrate the 100th birthday of Dr Tin Ka Ping, the Foundation donated HK$3 million each to nine universities in Hong Kong to support university student development, so as to convey the message that ‘China’s future lies in education’, and the aim of giving back to the society and contributing to the motherland,” Mr Sam Tin Hing-sin said.  “We value the strong partnership with Lingnan University, which has been going from strength to strength over the years.  We look forward to nurturing more talents for the society together.”


In his speech at the briefing session, President Leonard K Cheng said Dr Tin Ka Ping has all along devoted concerted effort in charity, and Lingnan University has enjoyed his special patronage as the Foundation has been supporting the University over the years.  “Bearing in mind Dr Tin’s sincere expectation on Lingnan, we will capitalise on our advantage as a liberal arts institution and strive to achieve the best results for the projects in order to benefit students,” said President Cheng.


Please click here for more details of the Briefing Session and the two funded projects.


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