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Guidelines for Organising or Recommending Academic /Non-academic Units Activity with ILP Units

Guidelines for Awarding ILP Units

  • The proposed activity, which will not award academic credits, should be recommended by the heads of Academic/ Non-academic units. .
  • ILP units in respective area(s) will be granted according to the objectives of activities, as stated by the Academic/ Non-academic units concerned and determined by the Management Committee of ILP.
  • The Academic/ Non-academic units should apply to the Management Committee of ILP for approval prior to offering or recommending the activity to students.
  • The activity proposal should be submitted to the Management Committee of ILP not less than 4 weeks before the activity commences.
  • Normally, no more than 6 ILP units will be granted to each participant in one activity.
  • The proposed activity should be open to all Lingnan undergraduate students for enrollment.
  • The organizer has authority to set priority to its target participants.


Application Procedure

  • The Office of Student Affairs will inform the Academic/ Non-academic units of the results of their applications approved by the Management Committee of ILP.
  • The Academic/ Non-academic units are required to submit to the Office of Student Affairs the student completion record, a list of participants with their English names and Student ID numbers, within ONE month after the completion of the activity.
  • Evaluation forms will also be provided to gather feedbacks from students. Completed forms should be given to the Office of Student Affairs together with the student completion record. The Academic/ Non-academic units can also use its own evaluation method.



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