LU and National Chengchi University to offer Dual Doctoral Degree

LU and National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan will jointly launch a Dual Doctoral Degree Programme in September 2020. Graduates of the programme will be awarded the degrees of Doctor of Policy Studies from LU and PhD of Education Policy/Administration from NCCU.



Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President of LU (left) and Prof Chao-Yu Guo and Prof Yung-Chi Hou, Dean and Associate Dean of College of Education of NCCU, sign the MOU.


To celebrate the launch of the joint programme the two universities held a signing ceremony on 23 April, accompanying the Symposium on Internationalisation and Quality Management in Higher Education 2020 supported by Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership and the Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities. The event was broadcasted live online and attracted over 200 scholars and students.


At the Symposium, scholars from the UK, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong discussed the internationalisation and quality assurance in higher education, as well as trending topics related to enhancement practices in higher education, international student mobility and employment, and comparative and international education.

Dual Doctoral Degree

Prof Shalendra Sharma, Associate Vice President of LU shares with the audience
how LU maintains and enhances its quality assurance and internationalisation under
the core educational value of “
Caring for Learning and “Impact with Care”.