LU and Jockey Club join hands to foster services for the elderly and the communities

Following the success of Lingnan’s Anti-COVID-19 Campaign early this year, which presented a video series about Chinese medicine, food therapy, and online exercises as well as anti-pandemic information, LU has extended its community service to underprivileged families in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, distributing anti-pandemic gift packs to the elderly and their families, as well as free Chinese medicines.


The scheme is sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which also supports LU’s rural, age-friendly outreach team of students, social workers and ambassadors. The gift packs contain food, anti-pandemic supplies, cleaning products and sports equipment, so as to reduce the families’ expenses, and let them see that people care about their misfortunes and hardships.


Chinese Medicine

LU’s rural age-friendly outreach team distributes anti-pandemic gift packs to the underprivileged families.


The Lingnan University Chinese Medicine Clinic also provides free consultations and medicinal herbs for them, and they can either visit the clinic in person or use their remote diagnosis services.


Earlier this month, LU held a kick-off ceremony for its “LU Jockey Club Health and Financial Education Programme for the Elderly”, a three-year programme to strengthen and promote older adults’ knowledge of consumer behaviour, financial management skills, and healthcare management with a series of training and intergenerational communication activities.


LU Jockey Club Health and Financial Education Programme for the Elderly


The programme will also train student volunteers to understand the healthcare and financial needs of the older Hong Kong population, and give them opportunities to interact with the elderly, in order to improve their communication skills and intergenerational relationships.


At the ceremony, Acting President Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho expressed his gratitude to The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for its generous donation. He said LU promotes the financial and health literacy of the elderly through a series of workshops in collaboration with financial education institutions such as the Investor and Financial Education Council.