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Career Advising Services

Global Internships

Global Internships

Make use of overseas internship opportunities to define your future!

Hamburg_serenaIn 2015 - 2019 summer, over 120 students interned in Dublin, London, Berlin, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Barcelona, Seville, Cadiz, Lisbon, Bergen, Paris, Kaunas (Lithuania), Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and the USA via our cooperation with the following Working Partners in bringing more internship locations and industry choices to Lingnan full-time undergraduate students. All students of full-time UGC-funded programmes from all disciplines and all years are welcome to apply.  

To support students' personal and career development, we provide subsidies for students to participate in overseas internship programmes. Although the subsidy may not be enough to cover the full programme fee and expenses, we hope it would be a good encouragement to students in venturing out of Hong Kong and Asia, and see the world!

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Our Featured Overseas Internship Programmes

Intern in Ireland, UK, France, Germany,
Spain, Australia & New Zealand, Japan
& South Korea 

Intern in Australia, New Zealand,  
Ireland, Spain & Asian countries

CareerDC  takes you on a work
holiday in Australia & New Zealand*

Spend a summer in Valencia for

a Fintech Internship

Spend a summer in Lisbon, Madrid or
 Barcelonafor a cultural & 
entrepreneurial internship

Vytautas Magnus University brings you
insights into Lithuania  

* Students please apply directly with our internship partners unless otherwise stated. 

Subsidy to Students

1. Bloom of Youth (BY): HK$16,000 (max. subsidy) per student for no-pay internship

2. Next Step Connections (NSC): HK$16,000* (max. subsidy) per student for no-pay internship (internship location in Asia will receive a max. subsidy of HK$10,000.)

3. VMU Summer Internship in Lithuania: HK$14,000 (max. subsidy per student for 4-week internship)

4. WONE Summer Internship in Portugal / Spain: HK$16,000 (max. subsidy per student for 6-week internship)

5. iEnrichment Fintech Internship in Valencia, Spain: HK$16,000 (max. subsidy per student for 6-week internship)

* Students with Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai & Chile / Kenya internship placement with Next Step Connections are NOT eligible for the subsidy

Students who wish to apply for Global Internships Subsidy, can apply here online:

Application Deadline : 23:59, 24 May 2020 (Sunday)

Only students of full-time UGC-funded programmes are eligible to apply for the subsidy from OSA. To receive the full subsidy, the selected intern has to fulfill the following:

  • Complete the internship / work period in FULL
  • FULLY attend all compulsory orientation / sessions required by the internship / work organizer
  • Attend Pre-departure Meeting organized by OSA-Career Advisory Services
  • Complete Pre-programme evaluation
  • Return to HK on 31 Aug 2020
  • Attend a post-internship meeting with OSA –Career Advisory Services
  • Complete a post-programme evaluation
  • Complete an internship / work programme report (around 500 words) and submit 10 photos at a date specified by OSA-Career Services - normally 3 weeks after the end of the internship

To apply for the subsidy, you must have received an internship offer from any one of the above internship programmes. You will then be invited to apply for the subsidy by OSA. Please also take note that your application might not be successful if you have any outstanding payment with the University and that your CGPA results are unsatisfactory. Students who are being suspended, on disciplinary hearing, or on academic probation, will not be eligible to apply for the subsidy. OSA has sole discretion to determine your subsidy application result.

We also wish to remind students that the subsidy received from OSA would not be enough to finance all the costs involved in joining overseas internship. Students are advised to plan your budget carefully and enquire all costs that would be involved. For subsidy, OSA normally will process in April after students have secured internship offers and their required visas. So if your internship programme requires you to pay the full programme fee earlier than April, you should have enough funds before April to settle payment. 

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