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Police Mentorship Programme



Police Mentorship Programme (PMP)

The Police MentoPolice Mentorship Inauguration Ceremonyrship Programme (PMP) was first launched in 2004 as a proactive recruitment strategy to inspire high calibre undergraduates from local universities to join the Force as probationary inspectors immediately after their graduation.


The primary objectives of the PMP are to:

  • Facilitate social and personal development of the Mentees;
  • Inspire and motivate Mentees to pursue a career with the Force upon graduation from the universities;
  • Establish liaison with the local universities managements on employment related matters; and
  • Enhance the overall competitiveness of the Force in graduate recruitment.

Police Mentors

The PMP Mentors are a cadPolice Mentorsre of volunteer officers from inspectorate rank or above who are graduates of the local universities. The Mentors act as a role model with each leading two to four Mentees from their respective parent institutions and share with them knowledge, experience and challenges in the career of a Police Inspector.


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Distribution of PMP Mentees 2022-23

PMP 2022-23

Distribution of PMP Mentees 2021-22

PMP 2021-22

Students who are interested in joining PMP may contact Mr Albert Suen (Tel: 2616-7407) or Mr Edwin Fok (Tel: 2616-7408) of OSA.