Four LU students awarded HSBC scholarships 2022/23

Four distinguished Lingnan undergraduate students have received HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships and an HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship this year for their intellect, all-rounded development, and commitment to exploring opportunities in the GBA cities.


George Ho Yat-hon (Risk and Insurance Management, Year 4), Susan Suen Sau-mui (Psychology, Year 4) and Wong Sum-yi (Visual Studies, Year 2) were each awarded an HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship of HK$50,000.


“This prestigious scholarship not only amplifies my lifelong learning journey but also provides me with invaluable resources and opportunities for growth and development academically and professionally,” said George, adding that he is confident of making a positive impact on the society with the award.


Four LU students awarded HSBC scholarships 2022/23

George Ho Yat-hon


Another recipient Susan regards the honour as a motivation to pursue her ambitions and passion for contributing to society, and thanks the Hongkong Bank Foundation for opening a door for her to explore and improve herself.


Four LU students awarded HSBC scholarships 2022/23

Susan Suen Sau-mui


Sum-yi, who is majoring in visual studies, thanked LU’s Faculty of Arts for nominating her for the scholarship, which was a great encouragement and recognition for all dedicated arts students, demonstrating enthusiasm for their interests and the worthiness of visual studies.


Ringo Wong Wing-ho (Contemporary English Studies, Year 4) has been awarded an HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship. He will receive HK$80,000 towards his clear-sighted plans for a long-term career in the GBA and in-depth understanding of the necessary skills and knowledge.


“Lingnan has provided me with many opportunities to meet like-minded friends and explore various things. With Lingnan’s guidance, I have started a start-up that aims to develop a Cantonese learning app for both locals and non-locals. I will continue to seek opportunities in business and further studies in the Greater Bay Area,” Ringo said, who is keen in promoting Cantonese education and teaching secondary students.


Four LU students awarded HSBC scholarships 2022/23

Ringo Wong Wing-ho


As the president of a youth association, he will also make an effort to share the potentials of the GBA with his fellow members. “Thanks to the scholarship, I am able to step closer to the GBA and my goals, and to connect with other high achievers pursuing dreams in the GBA.”