Lingnan Liberal Arts Young Scholar - Futatsugi Motoka

To further promote liberal arts education, the University extended the scope of the Summer Institute and introduced the Lingnan Liberal Arts Young Scholars Programme to senior secondary students.  This programme aims to cultivate students’ interest in pursuing liberal arts disciplines for university education.  It offer students a one-month residence in the University in the summer, during which they are mentored by an academic staff member of the University to help with a junior research project.  Participating students can have a taste of university life and experience undergraduate learning.


Futatsugi Motoka, a student from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University, joined the programme in July 2018.  A Japanese born and raised in China,  she went to a Japanese elementary school in Shanghai, and began to learn Putonghua at the High School Affiliated to Fudan University.


In order to further enhance her understanding of Hong Kong cultures, as well as to improve her language skills and expand her horizons, she participated in the Lingnan Liberal Arts Young Scholars Programme this summer.  She joined the Office of Service-Learning and completed her research project on the topic of Hong Kong tourism.


Motoka’s research is to find out what makes Hong Kong succeed in tourism by comparing Hong Kong with Shanghai and Tokyo, focusing on language communication, barrier-free facilities, cultural uniqueness, shopping services, food culture and transport accessibility. Through information gleaned on the internet and site visits, she discovered the reasons for Hong Kong to be listed as the world’s favourite city for travellers and considered a model for other cities in their development of tourism: (i) ease of language communication; (ii) easy accessibility for individuals with specific physical needs; (iii) unique cultural experience; and (iv) well-developed and efficient transportation systems.  


The learning experience about different cultures surprised Motoka as this was her first time to visit Hong Kong.  “I was able to observe this beautiful city from a different perspective.  In addition, the project offered an incredible exchange experience with the opportunity to interact with students and teachers from different cities.  I was amazed by the knowledge and insights of these people which led me to a deeper understanding of foreign cultures,” said Motoka.


Motoka completed the programme and was awarded an honorary title of Lingnan Liberal Arts Young Scholar.  She will continue to pursue her studies in the tourism industry and will be taking a degree course in Tourism Management at the Fudan University in the fall of this year.