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Sports Awards

With the generous donation from various donors (the Donor) to Lingnan University (the University), the “Outstanding Athletics Awards Fund” (the Fund) was established in 1998 to support Outstanding Sports Team Award(s), Most Improved Team Award(s), Outstanding Athlete Awards, Outstanding Martial Art Athlete Award(s), Most Valuable Player Award(s), to recognize students’ and/or sports teams’ outstanding performance and notable contributions in sports to the University. In 2017, High Achievement on Academic and Sports Awards were established under the Fund. 

There are six awards supported by the Fund:

  • Outstanding Athlete Awards (傑出運動員)
  • Outstanding Martial Art Athlete Awards(傑出武術運動員)
  • Most Valuable Player Awards (最有價值運動員)
  • High Achievement on Academic and Sports Awards (體育學業兼優獎)
  • Outstanding Sports Team Awards (傑出運動校隊)
  • Most Improved Team Awards (飛躍進步運動校隊)

Outstanding Athlete Awards 2022-23

Outstanding Men Athlete

Chan Po Sang (Taekwondo Team)


Outstanding Women Athlete

Wu Hoi Yiu (Volleyball Team)


Outstanding Martial Art Athlete Awards 2022-23

Chan Po Sang (Taekwondo Team)


Most Valuable Players 2022-23

Badminton (Men) Sebera Vojtech
Badminton (Women) Ng Tsz Yan
Basketball (Men) Tang Pak Lam
Fencing (Men) La’O IV Hermenegildo Coronel 
Fencing (Women) Ko Shuen
Handball (Men) Chan Man Shing
Handball (Women) Chu Ho Ching
Judo (Men) Tsui Tak Lung

Karate (Men)

Lai Chun Hai
Rowing (Women) Chan Mei Yu
Rugby (Men) Lo Sheung Wai
Rugby (Women) Tsang Ka Yi
Squash (Men) Lau Lok Tin
Soccer (Men) Khan Mohammad Sharoz
Soccer (Women) Fung Lok Yung
Table Tennis (Women) Ip Hiu Wing
Taekwondo (Men) Chan Po Sang
Tennis (Men) Ma Ruixuan
Tennis (Women) Cui Yaqi
Volleyball (Women) Wu Hoi Yiu
Woodball (Men) Hui Sai Hang
Woodball (Women) Lee Ki Yan

High Performance on Academic and Sports Awards 2022-23

The awardees of High Achievement on Academic and Sports Awards shall be full-time undergraduate students and have achieved 80% or above team training attendance in the whole year and have obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.30 or above.

Badminton (Men) Ng Shun Kit
Badminton (Women) Lam Percy
Badminton (Women) Wu Hoi Ting
Badminton (Women) Mun Jia Yeane
Basketball (Women) Jiang Yicheng
Fencing (Men) So King Pong
Fencing (Women) Ko Shuen
Rowing (Men) Kwong Ka Chung
Rugby (Men) Kwong Tsz Kin
Squash (Men) Lau Lok Tin Justin
Squash (Men) Yip Wai Kuen
Tennis (Women) Cui Yaqi
Volleyball (Men) Ma Cheuk Pui Derek
Woodball (Men) Hui Sai Hang

Outstanding Sports Team Award 2022-23

Taekwondo Team

Volleyball Team (Women)

Most Improved Team Awards 2022-23

Lion Dance & Martial Art Team

Rugby Team (Women)

Soccer Team (Women)


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