Top Lingnan psychologist attends inaugural GBA conference on psychology development

Prof Siu Oi-ling represents Lingnan University at a national psychology development conference in Zhuhai.

Prof Siu Oi-ling, Lam Woo & Co Ltd Chair Professor of Applied Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology, represented Lingnan University at the “First Conference on the Development of Psychology Discipline in the Greater Bay Area” in Zhuhai. Hosted by Beijing Normal University on 14 January, the conference brought together over a hundred influential psychologists from higher institutions and research organisations in China to discuss opportunities and challenges in the new era.


The conference focused on collaboration and development in psychology within the Greater Bay Area in order to create synergies between national psychological institutions and bring about favourable outcomes. Experts and scholars held wide-ranging discussions about the best practices in psychology in the region, and formulated an initiative to combine resources and development to make the GBA into an internationally recognised hub for psychological education and research. It is expected that this cooperation will strengthen teaching and learning, and knowledge transfer across regions.


A milestone in China’s establishment and development of psychological disciplines, this conference has significantly advanced the creation of an interactive platform among psychological communities throughout the country. It also played a crucial role in talent development in the mental health field, driving technological innovation, and promoting exchanges and collaboration between industry and academia.

Top Lingnan psychologist attends inaugural GBA conference on psychology development
Top Lingnan psychologist attends inaugural GBA conference on psychology development

Over a hundred influential psychologists attend the conference.

In addition, Lingnan was recently invited by Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) to join the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau University Psychology Alliance, a professional alliance operating under the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance (GHMUA), as a working founding member. It will leverage the strengths of the Department of Psychology accumulated over the past decade, and Prof Siu will lead the Lingnan psychology team to contribute extensively to the Alliance’s establishment.


The Alliance is expected to be inaugurated this July and, as well as Lingnan and SYSU, founding members will include South China Normal University, Shenzhen University, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, and University of Macau.