AR Mentorship Programme 2016-17 kicks off

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Issue No. 60 Oct 2016

AR Mentorship Programme 2016-17 kicks off

The Opening Ceremony of the AR Mentorship Programme 2016-17 was held on 24 October. The programme is organised by the Department of Finance and Insurance and Business Programmes Office, and supported by the AR Charitable Foundation Scholarship Scheme.

The aim of the AR Mentorship Programme is to help equip undergraduate students of the BBA-Risk and Insurance Management programme with better exposure to the insurance industry and to enhance their relevant skill set for future career challenges.  In the past two years a total of about 50 students joined the Programme, and this year there will be 30 participating students.  They will be matched with 9 mentors who are dedicated and seasoned insurance professionals.

Officiating the ceremony, President Leonard Cheng thanked AR Charitable Foundation for its generous support.  He encouraged participating students to make good use of this learning opportunity through constantly exploring, broadening and updating their knowledge and skills.

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