New books discuss development trends in higher education

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Issue No. 60 Oct 2016

New books discuss development trends in higher education

Two new books edited by Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and Chair Professor in Comparative Policy, were published recently which discuss the development trends in higher education.

The book Managing International Connectivity, Diversity of Learning & Changing Labour Markets examines how major Asian cities have enhanced their global competitiveness by transforming their higher education systems to equip their graduates with global competence. It primarily focuses on policy implications and urban governance, especially comparing how governments are responding to the growing challenges of international connectivity and are managing the diversity of populations resulting from an increasingly globalized world.

Another book Research, Development and Innovation in Asia Pacific Higher Education, edited by Prof Mok and Prof John N Hawkins, examines recent policies and practices adopted by governments and universities in Asia Pacific for promoting research and development, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities between the universities, industry, and business.  Critical reflections upon the changing relationship among these stakeholders are offered, with comparative perspectives and international insights into how universities in Asia Pacific have handled the growing pressure for top university rankings and keen competition in the knowledge-based economy.

Prof Joshua Mok book  Prof Joshua Mok Book