21st Century Music Education for Young People - “Music Dreams Come True” Concert

The “21st Century Music Education for Young People - Music Dreams Come True Concert”, co-organised by Hong Kong String Orchestra (HKSO) and Lingnan University, was held at the Chan Tak Tai Auditorium on 14 November, with around 300 staff, students and community members enjoyed a delightful evening with classical music.


This concert was an extension of the “Music Dreams Come True” University Mentorship Programme co-organised by HKSO, Lingnan University and other tertiary institutions.  The programme was supported by the Springboard Grant under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Home Affairs Bureau.  Its key objectives are to promote music education in Hong Kong, discover local music talents, and assist young musicians with potentials to realise their dreams, and bring positive impact to others through the power of music.


Ms Yao Jue, renowned violinist and Artistic Director of HKSO attended the Concert to support Lingnan students who participated in the programme.  Before the performance started, some students were invited to share their music dreams and precious learning experience, and expressed their heartfelt thanks to HKSO.  Six participants, who went through stringent auditions and intensive training of over a month, finally had the chance to perform Chinese and Western classical music together with professional members of HKSO and gained invaluable performance experience.  The programme is a precious opportunity for Lingnan, where there is no music department, to make a bold and creative attempt to demonstrate the emphasis on the art of music in liberal arts education.

“Music Dreams Come True” Concert  “Music Dreams Come True” Concert