Lingnan University organises Information Day to introduce curricula and admission details

Lingnan University organised the Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2016 on 5 November to introduce to students, teachers, parents and the general public its liberal arts education, as well as the curriculum design and admission requirements of its undergraduate programmes in 2017/18.


The Information Day featured a wide variety of events including programme introduction talks, exhibitions and booths organised by the University’s three faculties, namely Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Social Sciences, to showcase their programmes’ design, content and unique features in teaching and learning. Information related to admission arrangements was provided to participants who were mostly secondary school students, and questions related to admission were addressed on the spot.


Academic departments, teaching units and student organisations also staged a series of activities including seminars, booth activities, campus tours, book fair and arts exhibitions, so that the public could know more about Lingnan’s multi-cultural, diversified learning environment and interesting campus life.


Members of the public can click here for an in-depth understanding on the programmes offered by Lingnan University.

Infoday Photo Album

 Info Day 2016  Info Day 2016  Info Day 2016