New Strategic Plan to steer Lingnan to the next level of excellence

Lingnan University recently announced its Strategic Plan for 2016-2022 which has been formulated with the goal of steering Lingnan to the next level of excellence and addressing the education needs of the present and future generations.


“This Strategic Plan outlines the major directions and strategies for the University’s continual growth and development in the next six years, with a view to elevating Lingnan to a new level of excellence, not just in the local landscape, but also in Asia and worldwide,” said President Leonard K Cheng.


Five strategic areas have been identified: (1) Academic Development and Research; (2) Student Development; (3) Campus Development; (4) Institutional Advancement; and (5) Sub-degree and Continuing Education. Of these, “Academic Development and Research” together with “Student Development” have been selected as the two primary areas of focus.


The recent release of the Report of a Quality Audit of Lingnan University by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of the University Grants Committee has confirmed that Lingnan is committed to achieving excellence through a liberal arts education and to providing a rich array of opportunities for the whole-person development of its students. The Strategic Plan has also reflected the observations made in the QAC Audit Report.


The full Strategic Plan is available at its designated website.