Arts Festival showcases the cultural vibrancy of Lingnan

Since its inception in 2011, the Lingnan Arts Festival has savoured a rich cornucopia of musical and cultural events on campus.  lt aims to bring various forms of arts from Hong Kong as well as other parts of the world to Lingnan.  Students and staff will be able to enrich their cultural well-being through enjoying and taking part in a variety of arts and cultural activities.


This year’s Arts Festival will start with the Opening Event “Reviving the Almost Lost Versions of Three Routine Plays in Cantonese Opera – The Sung Version of Eight Immortals Bestowing Longevity, the Male and Female Versions of Blessing of Promotion, and the Grand Scale Version of The Heavenly Maiden Delivers Her Son to the Mortal Father” on 2 March produced by the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong.  As preludes, the “Reminiscence of Cantonese Melodies – Cantonese Operatic Saloon Music Seminar and Concert” and a pre-performance talk for the Opening Event namely “Reviving the Almost Lost Versions of Three Routine Plays in Cantonese Opera” will be held on 27 and 28 February respectively.


The month-long Arts Festival will present a wide range of other music, dance and drama performances as well as movie screenings.  The workshop “First Person Plural, Storytelling by The Collective ‘We’” by Lingnan’s Writer-in-Residence Ms Sreedhevi Iyer and the seminar “Visualizing the Invisible; Drawing as Speculative Practice” by Lingnan’s Artist-in-Residence Mr Douglas Stichbury will respectively be held on 15 and 22 March.


For click here for the Arts Festival’s programme details and reservation.