With our deepest condolences for the loss of former President Prof Chan Yuk-Shee in May, some Lingnanians have initiated and made donations to set up a scholarship scheme in honour and memory of his great contribution to Lingnan University.  President Chan’s family has also made a donation to support the Scholarship scheme.  The Scholarship scheme will be named as President Chan Yuk-Shee Scholarships to award undergraduate students who achieve outstanding academic performance. 


Lingnanians are forever grateful for the invaluable contribution of President Chan to Lingnan University, the Hong Kong’s higher education sector and the community.  Under his six-year leadership, the University gained significant achievements, including the full student residency accomplished in 2013, enhanced student exchange opportunities and a smooth transition to the new 3-3-4 academic system.


If you would like to contribute to the Scholarship scheme, you are welcome to complete the reply form which can be obtained here, and return it to the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs.