Lingnan University launches entrance scholarships for elite athletes

Lingnan University launched for the first time the “Lingnan University Entrance Scholarships for Elite Athletes” in the 2017/18 academic year.  Under the scheme, scholarships will be awarded to local elite athletes pursuing full-time undergraduate studies at Lingnan University enrolled through JUPAS or non-JUPAS admissions.


The objective of launching the scholarship scheme is to recognise the outstanding achievements of local elite athletes by providing them with the necessary financial support so that they can continue to excel in their specialised sports while pursuing their academic studies at Lingnan University.  Recipients will be offered full scholarships that cover tuition and hostel fees, and the scholarships are renewable annually subject to the attainment of renewal requirements.


Scholarship recipients are also expected to become Lingnan’s student-athletes to join sports teams of Lingnan to help strengthen the University’s performance in different sports, and promote a sports culture and a healthy lifestyle on campus.