Lingnan joins Clinton Global Initiative University

To nurture students’ whole person development, Lingnan University recently joined the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) launched by former US President Bill Clinton in 2007 to engage young leaders on university campuses around the world.


Joining the CGIU exposes Lingnan students to opportunities on developing creative action plans to address challenges in our communities or around the world.  Selected students can attend its annual meeting to meet with innovative student leaders to exchange ideas, build networks and even receive seed funding for their action plans.  As a token of commendation, Lingnan would grant sponsorships for chosen candidates on attending the annual meeting.


By participating in the CGIU, students will have abundant opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas with university students, university representatives, topic experts, celebrities, academic staff, NGOs, corporates and government sectors.  They can learn from the ideas of peers, advices of professionals, insights of success entrepreneurs, and suggestions of related organisations.  By these intellectual exchanges, students will have more ideas on how to build up their higher achievements in their life.


Through its selection process, CGIU has selected two Lingnan students to join their annual meeting in Boston, US in October.  The two students are Jason Wong Chee-haung (Economics Year 4) and Andy Chau Wing-hin (Economics Year 1).  They are going to meet more than a thousand student leaders as well as youth organisations and project leaders for a wide variety of knowledge sharing, networking and exploring development opportunities.  Jason Wong’s proposal is themed “Borderless” which calls for the creation of an environment to welcome more refugees and immigrants in Malaysia, and Andy Chau’s project is entitled “Hong Kong! Where were you? The cry for victims” which aims to raise Hong Kong people’s awareness on human trafficking.

    Clinton Global Initiative University  Clinton Global Initiative University

Jason Wong Chee-haung    Andy Chau Wing-hin
(Economics Year 4)              (Economics Year 1)