Alumnus sharing: translation is dull? think again!

From an event planner at tertiary institution to a coordinator in the translation industry, and now the chief of two translation startups, alumnus Tim CHOI shared his road to success in an entrepreneurship and leadership workshop on 25 March.


Serving as the Operations Director of Metis Concepts Co. Ltd. and Primum Visio Ltd. since 2013, Choi cultivated his interest in lifestyle-related communications in 2007 when he took the very first step into the translation industry. “I worked as an account-servicing coordinator to manage projects, communicate with vendors and liaise with translators until 2013. It’s always important to think how to work effectively, which gave me insights to operate two companies now,” he recalled.


Unlike most local translation companies specialising in finance and legal sectors, Choi’s clients include luxury goods, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and cosmetics. “Given the ever-changing design trends, what I am doing for years look tedious but indeed fun to visualise brand concepts through language,” said Choi, “In a sense, a quality translation is an education to enrich others’ repertoire of vocabulary, and that is why I take pride in my job.”