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We are delighted to announce significant upgrades to the Lingnan University ChatGPT Service. Starting today (16 July 2024), we are introducing the GPT-4o (Omni) model, which offers enhanced accuracy and responsiveness for a more engaging chat experience by integrating text and images in a single model. It also has improved understanding of non-English language. In addition, ITSC develops a new function of file uploads. You can leverage the text and image processing capabilities of the GPT-4o model by uploading images and PDF files. We hope this upgraded service can assist you with text analysis or visual content.


The results of the online Term-end CTLE are now available for you to access. Students who have completed a course or are planning to take a course can request approval to view their previous CTLE results of the past two years. The course offering unit will evaluate each application and determine whether access will be granted. 

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We are delighted to announce that ITSC has recently acquired a campus-wide suite of MATLAB, a powerful programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide.  


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Term-end CTLE is the proper channel for you to voice out your comments on the quality of teaching of your course(s). The University treasures your voice. To encourage you to complete the CTLE, the grades of your course(s) will be released earlier than the official release via LU mobile once the response rate of your course(s) reaches 50% or above and that the academic units have submitted final grades as endorsed by Board of Examiners or equivalent.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new ITSC / Library Helpdesk System to handle your enquiries, service requests, problem and incident reports on both ITSC and Library services in one go. To ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits of this system, we would like to invite all staff and students to participate in the upcoming user training sessions.


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Phishing emails are a common technique used by hackers and scammers to steal personal information and credentials. A single careless error, such as providing your personal information or credentials in response to a phishing email, can put both you and the University at risk of cybercrime. In the battle against cybercrime, only ITSC is not sufficient. We need your strong support in reporting any identified phishing emails which is a crucial source of information to us to take immediate actions to block these emails, their weblinks, or attachments to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

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Thank you for participating in the Copilot workshops in March as part of the Microsoft Copilot trial run program. To leverage the broader applications of Copilot and accelerate your time to value with it for Microsoft 365 skills, ITSC has invited Microsoft to conduct advanced on-site workshops to enhance your understanding and facilitate the practical use of Copilot in your work.


Course Outline:

  • Recap for M365 Copilot
  • User Scenario for Student Services
  • User Scenario for Administration
  • User Scenario for T&L / R&D
  • Q&A

The orientation talk and materials provided by the ITSC are designed to introduce new staff and students to the technology resources and services available on campus. It covers topics such as the campus network, email, learning management systems, software and hardware resources, and IT policies and guidelines. The session aims to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize technology resources in their academic and professional endeavors.


To review the presentation materials, please visit:

Staff Orientation 2023

Student Orientation 2023