Hybrid Classrooms – Technical Setup and Practical Tips in its use

The hybrid mode of teaching in which courses are delivered both in person and online at the same time in a classroom on campus by the same teacher requires appropriate technology setup in the classroom. To support this University’s direction to offer hybrid teaching, ITSC is pleased to provide technical support in the setting up and the use of hybrid classrooms. The followings are the basic setup in each classroom and some practical use tips that you may find them helpful.

Equipment and Devices in Classrooms


Webcam (Camera 1 - Logitech C925E)

A high-definition webcam with enhanced integration with Zoom will be attached to the teacher PC in the lectern.

  • Allows students on Zoom / Microsoft Teams to see the teacher
  • The webcam can be adjusted towards the right or left only with limited viewing angle

Available in all teaching venues (Teaching venues in Lau Chung Him Building include LCH113, LCH115, LCH201, LCH202, LCH206, LCH209, LCH319A, LCH319D, LCHUG14 only.)

Camera 1 - Logitech C925E Webcam

Visualizer (Camera 2 - Epson)

This is the second camera in the classroom. Teachers can write notes on a piece of paper placed on the visualizer for showing to students on Zoom and in the classroom.

  • Important: Don’t use the whiteboard in the classroom. Because of the limited viewing angle of the webcam, it will not have good quality on Zoom if teacher writes on the whiteboard
  • Bring enough white paper for writing notes and use the visualizer to show to students
  • Already connected to Zoom so that both students on Zoom and in the classroom can view the materials on the visualizer clearly

Available in all teaching venues, except SEKG02 and SEK105 (Teaching venues in Lau Chung Him Building include LCH113, LCH115, LCH201, LCH202, LCH206, LCH209, LCH319A, LCH319D, LCHUG14 only.)


Webcam on Tripod (Camera 3 - Logitech C930)

This is to take a fixed and fuller view of the classroom to enhance the interaction between students on Zoom and students in the classroom.

Available in all teaching venues (Teaching venues in Lau Chung Him Building include LCH113, LCH115, LCH201, LCH202, LCH206, LCH209, LCH319A, LCH319D, LCHUG14 only.)

Camera 3 - Logitech C930 Webcam

You can use the keyboard shortcut “Alt-N” to switch among cameras.

Dual Monitors with Connection Arm

The Hardware Setup

ALL^ PCs for teachers in the classrooms are now installed with dual monitors to facilitate Zoom and PowerPoint teaching.

^Except SEK105 (Data Science Laboratory has been equipped with multiple display devices),
 LBYG06 and SEKG02 (Heng Kam Lin Computer Room). 

Dual Monitors 

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are presented in two-monitor view, called Backstage View, by default.

Dual Monitors - PowerPoint


Zoom with Dual Monitors

The default setup is to connect Zoom with secondary monitor while the primary monitor is used for PowerPoint presentation, but teachers are free to change the default setting.

Dual Monitors - Zoom


Writing and Drawing Pads

  • Acknowledging the limitation of the visualizer in classrooms, Hurion Inspiroy H1161 Writing and Drawing Pad is to replace the visualizer as the writing board for additional information you may provide to students.
  • All academic departments are distributed with 3 writing and drawing pads for loan to their teachers. Please contact your Department Office for details of the loan procedure.
  • The writing and drawing pad is connected to Zoom and can be projected to the projection screen in the classroom for clearer presentation of teaching materials to students on Zoom and in the classroom.
  • It is plug and play. No driver is needed.


The projector is used to display the screen of the PC to the students in the classroom.



  • A Goose-neck microphone is available in every classroom.
  • Both wired and wireless microphones are available in lecture theatres.
  • Wired and wireless handheld microphones are available on loan by teaching department offices for their use if needed.

Students in the Classrooms

  • Students can come forward to use the goose-neck or wired microphone.
  • Teachers can help repeat what the student said to let students on Zoom / Teams hear clearly.
  • Teachers can circulate wireless microphones to students in the classrooms. These are available on loan by teaching department offices.
  • Students in the classroom can use their mobile or laptop to login to Zoom / Microsoft Teams meeting and interact with students on Zoom / Teams using chatroom.
  • Important: Students in the classroom joining the Zoom / Teams meeting must mute their microphones and computer audio to avoid feedback echo.

Ceiling Microphones

  • Ceiling microphones are installed in LBY06 and LKK210. Teachers and students are free to speak in classes without the need of holding any microphone to have better interaction with students on Zoom and in the classroom.
  • Ceiling microphones in LKK210.
  • Ceiling microphones in LBYG06.

Summary of microphones in teaching venues

 Goose-neck MicrophoneWired MicrophoneWireless Handheld Microphone
Lecture TheatresYesYesYes
Lecture RoomsYesYesOn-loan
Tutorial RoomsYesYesOn-loan
Computer/language LabsYesYesOn-loan

Equipment List in Each Classroom

The list of equipment installed or available in hybrid classrooms is tabulated here.

Software for online teaching that are accessible in all classrooms

  1. The PC in the classroom is able to access Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  2. Zoom has been integrated with Moodle – a Zoom online class can be created in Moodle.
  3. Panopto is available at myLingnan Portal for recording.
  4. Zoom can also be used to record the class session.
  5. Zoom recordings can be uploaded to Panopto for replaying by any student.

Network Support

Mainland China VPN for Students in the Mainland

  • A dedicated 100Mbps VPN service between the University and Mainland China has been established to provide higher speed Internet connections for students residing in Mainland China. The user guide on adding a new connection in VPN has been sent to all students in the Mainland.
  • Teachers can remind students on the Mainland to use it.

Note: Avoid connecting to VPN when using Zoom / Teams, as Zoom / Teams has its own data centre in the Mainland, it will be faster for direct connection.

Upgraded Internet Bandwidth

  • An additional 900Mbps bandwidth has been subscribed to provide higher speed Internet connections for all students.

Preparation by the Teachers

  1. Bring more A4-paper for writing notes
  2. Bring an extra notebook and connect it to Zoom / Teams to have a clearer idea on what students on Zoom / Teams are watching – extra notebooks are available in the Library on loan to teaching staff

User Guides

  1. User Guides including training videos on Zoom
  2. User Guides on Microsoft Teams
  3. User Guides on Panopto
  4. Using Hybrid Classrooms - Hints and Tips


  1. Demo video on Zoom Meetings in Hybrid Classrooms
  2. Training Session Video - Hybrid Teaching in Classrooms
  3. Briefing Session – Enhanced Support for Hybrid Teaching in Classrooms (PPT, video)

Technical Support