Spam Control

Lingnan's spam detection is facilitated by Cisco Email Security System, a commercial spam-control system as our outer layer of spam defence. This system can stop spam and also provides protection against virus, email scams, phishing attacks and unsolicited emails.

Available to:

Staff, Students, Alumni

Service Provided:

Quarantined Spam Messages

This is an approach to handle user's false positive spam messages (genuine emails but regarded as spam). The system has been set up to drop possible spam in "Spam Quarantines". Each user will then receive summary emails, at most two per day, from the spam-control system. The summary email lists the spam received by the system for an individual user.

Summary messages will be delivered at 7 am and 4 pm from the spam-control system. A user can request to release all those false positive emails to be delivered.

How to Do?

Instructions for Releasing Quarantined Spam Messages

Please read the instructions here:

Reporting Spam Messages

If there are still spam messages not quarantined and get delivered to your mailboxes, you can "forward as attachment" those spam messages to [email protected]. ITSC will investigate and try to prevent those spam messages from slipping through our spam detection system in the future.