User Accounts

The account consists of a pair of username and password, which can be used to access various IT services, such as myLingnan Portal, WebMail, Moodle, computer login, wireless network, etc.

Available to:

Staff, Students, Alumni

Types of Accounts:

Staff and Student Accounts

For new STAFF and STUDENTS, they will receive "Computer Account Activation" slips with their usernames and email addresses listed. They need to activate their accounts via the Account and Password Management System.

For detailed instructions on how to activate a new account, please refer to the User Guide for Account Activation.

Other Types of Accounts

Other than the above personal accounts, you can also request to create different kinds of accounts for special purposes, such as:

  1. departmental accounts for sending/receiving departmental emails
  2. project accounts for handling emails relating to the projects
  3. guest Wi-Fi for temporary uses
  4. web accounts for creating department/project web pages

Please submit Service Requests in ITSC Helpdesk to create these accounts.

Service Requests:

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