Eligibility of Users

New LU Card

Each group of the following eligible users will be issued a physical LU Card or a virtual card. All other existing cards will be invalid after the completion of the migration. Their privileges remain unchanged unless otherwise revised by the relevant departments of the University.

Eligible User Groups with Physical LU Card Eligible User Groups with Virtual LU Card
Full-time and Part-time Students at all levels of Lingnan University Part-time Students of LIFE
Full-time Students of LIFE Part-time Staff including LIFE
Full-time Staff including LIFE Alumni
Court and Council Members

Lingnan University Affiliates, e.g.
Family dependents and domestic helpers of staff residing in hostels;
Hostel Tutors (Non-LU full-time staff);
Non-University Payroll Staff Members;
Long-serving retired staff members;
Dependents of staff not residing in hostels

Outsourced Contractors with on-site teams Other Eligible External Users